Man's Best Friend Sniffs Out Mayflower Family Trapped In Shelter

- MAYFLOWER, AR- A close call for a Mayflower woman and her two daughters who narrowly escaped the EF-4 tornado Sunday night. The situation became scarier for the three after the tornado powered through. They were trapped inside a storm shelter and they are thanking an unlikely neighbor who came to the rescue, when others couldn't find them.

Pum Eade says she was getting her girls ready for bed when a friend called and told her to get to safety. That's when the power abruptly turned off.

"About 5 minutes, not even 5 minutes, the tornado hit," says Pum Eade, Mayflower Tornado Victim.

Eade and her two daughter sat in the storm shelter for at least 5 minutes, listening to heavy objects pound and scrape the door. Once it was over, Eade made her move, but the door wouldn't open.

"I told him, I'm here please help me! And he couldn't hear me, so I knocked so loud, louder," says Eade.

Eade could hear her neighbor searching for her. She knew it was pitch black outside, worried she'd never be found in the rubble.

"He said oh mam! I can't help you because this is covered with a tree. Let me get somebody," says Eade.

With the help of some neighbors, Eade and her daughters escaped a second time.

"We were crying and I thanked the guy," says Eade.

However, the man wasn't taking credit for the rescue.

"He said you have to thank my dog. The dog just heard you," says Eade.

Eade says her neighbor lives right over the hill. He couldn't see out, so  relied on his dog to find the family. A trail of paw prints can be seen leading up to the storm shelter where the family was trapped. Once they got out though, reality quickly set in. Eade's home was gone and it was also her daughter's 5th birthday.

"I have no idea what I'm going to do," says Eade.

EADE'S husband wasn't home at the time of impact and was worried because he couldn't get a hold of them. He says he's thankful for mans best friend to find his precious family when others couldn't.

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