The City of Little Rock is on Pothole Patrol

Little Rock, AR - The city of Little Rock is taking aim at pothole problems across town.  Each day 2 to 4 road crews focus on nothing but potholes, fixing up to 200 holes a day. 

Even with constant work on the problems, workers know more will keep popping up.

Lawrence Molden works for the city of Little Rock, he said, "There's thousands left out there, you'll never get them all."

Eric Petty, Manager of LR Public Works, added, "You are never done fixing the potholes when you've got as many streets as the city of Little Rock.  We have crews that go out everyday, Monday through Friday.  We are going out finding potholes."

From the grunt work of physical labor to the technology of apps on your phone, the city is asking for help.  On its mobile application drivers can send in pictures and descriptions of where pothole problems are.

LR City Manager, Bruce Moore, said, "We are getting them done within 72 hours.  Our problem is, sometimes there's an assumption that we know where they are, and so we really rely on our citizens to help us, just to get the app, tell us where they are and we will get on top of it very quickly."

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