Tornado Victim's Goodbye Message Goes Global

BEEBE, AR - The image of Jeffrey Hunter's final message to his mom moments before he was killed in the April 27th tornado has been seen around the world.

Now the tornado victim's mother is thanking everyone for the continued support not just for her, but for all those affected by the tornado.

The text makes you wonder what you would think moments before something like this.

Regina Wood says the attention to her son Jeffrey's story is just showing the world who her son was, and still is, to her.

It read, "Goodbye Mama.... It's heading right for me."

News stations across the country have shared it to millions.

The image of the text have been shared by many more on social media.

It was Jeffrey's goodbye to his mom moments before he was killed.

In the days since, there's been an outpouring of support for everyone who was close to Jeff.

"It's just almost overwhelming," said Regina. "This has been pretty tough on them. I think it's been tough on all the families involved."

Jeff was with his father and step-mother in Vilonia when the storms hit. They were all hiding in the bathroom as Jeffrey first texted his mom "I'm scared ... I love you."  

The tornado ripped him away from inside the home.

"Even though he was scared I think he faced it with such dignity and grace," said Regina.

She hopes sharing the message will show everyone the love her son had for family and the kind of man he was.

"The purpose was to say how special he is," explained Regina. "He had a good heart for everybody and I want to thank everybody for their love and support."

However, she wants everyone's focus to stay on those still affected by the storms.

"There's still victims out there that need help," remarked Regina.

It's the show of compassion and care for others, seen in one last goodbye message to mom, that has been sent around the world and one she'll hold on to forever.

"I'm so proud of him. So, so proud of him," added Regina.

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