UALR Hosts Event To Find Solutions Helping Black Males Succeed

- LITTLE ROCK, AR-- This week, UALR hosts a conference aimed at improving the lives of black boys.

Calton Davis is a sophomore with goals of becoming an information technology director

He is a member of the African American Male Initiative at the school and this week the group is holding the fourth annual African American Male Initiative Consortium Conference.

Davis says he wants to succeed for himself and also his family.

He adds although research suggests murder is the number one cause of black boys between 15 and 24, he wants to create a prosperous career.

"That's something I want to do, live life," said Davis.

So that's why he participates in the AAMI program at UALR, which helps black male students succeed on campus.

"I have a lot of people looking out for me and I want to make them proud," said Davis.

The city of Little Rock also announced Thursday, Mayor Mark Stodola joined other leaders across the country to find solutions for the violence among black boys.

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