Vandalism Of Fallen Officers Memorial Upsets West Memphis Community

WEST MEMPHIS, AR -- Residents in West Memphis are "disgusted" after a Memorial to honor fallen officers is vandalized less than 10 days after it opens.

Graffiti was scratched into the surface of the memorial causing thousands of dollars in damage.

The memorial was built in honor of two officers -- Brandon Paudert and Bill Evans who were gunned down in 2010 when a routine traffic stop went bad.

It's purpose -- to help the community heal after the loss.

Resident Albert Marconi commented on the incident.

"It's very nice to have something like this to honor those people and to have something like this happen, it is totally unnecessary," Marconi said. "I can't come up with a reason why they, ya know, what did they accomplish and ya know since they caught them I hope they spend a lot of time in jail."

The community raised $300,000 to erect this memorial and what took years to plan and build, likely took just minutes to damage.

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