Vilonia Begins Construction on New Military Museum

VILONIA, AR - A big step was made in Vilonia this week as crews broke ground on a new military history museum.

Some of the priceless artifacts in the old museum were damaged and lost when the April 27 tornado destroyed the building. 

Thanks to generous donations,  the museum's board was able get two acres of land for the new location for free and were able to raise $30,000 for construction.

Local veterans say the museum is important for educating young people. It also provides a place for veterans to gather. 

"Everybody is just enthused and again the outpouring of support from the local comminty. They want to see it go up as bad as we do," said Kevin Taylor, Air Force Veteran. 

Museum officials said they were able to salvage about 70 percent of what was in the old building. Some artifacts were found as far as four miles away. 
The new building is being built with materials designed to withstand winds higher than 220 miles per hour.

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