Volunteers from Missouri Help Central AR

SPRINGFIELD, MO (ozarksfirst.com) -- Relief agencies based in Springfield are marshaling volunteers to go to Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas to help victims of Sundays tornadoes.

Nigel Holderby, the spokesperson for the Ozarks Chapter of the American Red Cross says volunteers are on stand by in southern Missouri, ready to provide help to storm victims in all three states.  

Holderby says the local chapter has loaded up the first emergency relief truck headed to Arkansas to support tornado relief after Sunday night's devastating storms. Red Cross volunteers are being asked to update their availability to deploy in Volunteer Connection. 

If you want to support the Red Cross in helping victims in Mayflower, Arkansas and elsewhere, you can donate at RedCross.org or text REDCROSS to 90999 to give $10.

Springfield-based Convoy of of Hope has assessment teams on the way to areas throughout the Midwest that were hit by the storms.  

Convoy president Hal Donaldson, in a statement released Monday, said "Our teams will provide crucial information that will help us as we make plans in the coming days and monitor additional severe weather forecasted in these areas throughout the week."

Convoy of Hope's Jeff Nene is lending a helping hand to the tornado-stricken communities.

"First thing folks need in a situation like this is food and water," Nene says. "So we'll get food and water into that area as quickly as we can. Follow that up with cleaning supplies, possibly debris removal teams."

Nene says communication is key in an event like this.

"When we come into an area like this that's just been hit hard with a tornado first thing we'll do is get with local emergency management make sure we plug in. That way we can be effective and efficient all at the same time," he says. "A lot of the reasons we talk with local emergency management, first, is so we don't create that second disaster if you will, coming in and getting in there way or duplicating efforts."

You can donate online at 
ConvoyofHope.org or by texting "CONVOY" to 50555 to give $10.

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