Volunteers Staying With Family They've Never Met

VILONIA, AR  - Three weeks ago a deadly EF-4 tornado hit Vilonia. Since the April 27 storms, many volunteers have showed up to help out. This week half a dozen students from the Missouri University of Science and Technology are staying in town with a family they've never met.

Ryan Beck graduated from college on Saturday.

"I think one of my favorite questions she was asked was 'oh, how do you know these people', and she was like 'I don't, I don't know them, they are strangers and they're in my home'," he says. "We have people that wanna come down next week and another group that wants to come down later this summer, so I was actually texting them and emailing people and getting things set up during graduation. I saw that they needed help down here, and I was like awesome, what a perfect way to spend my summer."

Beth Stauffer opened up her home to host these students as they give back to her community.

"It's really fun, actually, we enjoy hosting people at our house, and we had a blast with them last night, we played Uno, we just sit around and talked, and laughed," she says. "This morning we all got up together cooked a big meal, had breakfast, and sent them all off to work."

Monday the team helped clear debris at a trailer park.

"It's just unbelievable how much destruction there was," says Beck.

"They are obviously really great kids and hard workers. And they are really here to do the really hard work and get some things done, and get some things accomplished,"
adds Stauffer.

Many of the students will stay throughout the week, more are expected to come and work in Vilonia over the next few weeks. 

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