What to Do After You Say I Do

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Same-sex couples from Arkansas are flocking to Pulaski County, the only county in the state still issuing marriage licenses to gay couples.

Velma Wiley married her longtime girlfriend on Thursday, she said, "I never thought this would happen in Arkansas, actually."

Experts say there are plenty of things left to do after you say 'I do'.  From taxes, benefits, insurance and possible name changes, these couples have a lot of legal things to tackle. 

Wiley said she didn't mind the extra work, "I am so looking forward to it, it's an amazing process, and I'm ready."

Wiley and her wife plan to start soon, "We talked about going tomorrow because she's off, and we are going to go to the social security department and all of those relevant places and get her name changed."

Amanda Linn and Barbara Hall married on Monday, Amanda said a name change isn't in their future, "We just kind of decided that we weren't going to go down that name route maybe because we are lazy and we probably can't find our paperwork, I don't know."

Amanda and Barbara have been together for a long time so they started the legal issues of their relationship early. 

"We had to work with someone to say what do we do to be as legal as we can be, so we made sure that we had wills, and we had the power of attorney, and we did all those things that you do to try to be as legal as you can be without having the right to be married," said Amanda.

Barbara said some of these legal issues will take a backseat while couples wait to make sure these licenses stay legal in Arkansas, "All of those kind of practical matters, at this point all I'm really concerned about is that we are able to stay married."

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