Woman Explains How She Helped Missing LR Boy

- LITTLE ROCK--A missing Little Rock boy was reunited with his family after reportedly running away for more than 20 hours.

Authorities called off the search for 9-year-old Terrell Holloway Tuesday afternoon after he appeared within walking distance of his own home.

FOX 16 spoke to a woman who was with her coworker when they found Terrell in the bushes outside of their office at 1901 Broadway Avenue. The child was reported missing from the 1900 block of Spring Street at 6 o'clock Monday evening.

Carrie Young says she was shocked to find what was making so much noise outside her office around Tuesday.

"We heard a knock on the door outside. I went outside to check the scene out and didn't see anybody," she says.

After spending hours searching for the source of a nagging knocking sound, her coworker went outside a couple of hours later where they discovered the sound was coming from the 9-year-old knuckles of Terrell Holloway.

"I said 'is that the little boy that was lost' and she said 'yeah' and I said 'Terrell' and he said 'yes ma'am'," Young explains.

Young says she recognized Terrell from the news where he'd been reported missing since Monday night. His father says he left home, possibly worried about getting in trouble at home after getting in trouble at school. Young says she'd worried about the child overnight and never expected he'd be right outside her window.

"I said Terrell Holloway, boy did you know I've been praying for you all night long," she adds. "We were just hugging and he wanted to know if he could stay with us."

Young says they comforted him over cheese and crackers and called 911.

It was a surprising but relatively happy ending to a 20 hour search.

"Thank God he survived the weather last night," she says.

Police say Terrell appeared unharmed but was taken straight to Arkansas Children's Hospital for to get checked out.

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