Woman Wants Justice After Son's Dog Attack Death

- LITTLE ROCK, AR-- A woman wants justice after her son was killed in a Jessieville dog attack.

Ayden Evans died June 2013, but his mom says the dog's owners are not being held accountable.

"It seems like they are just walking away Scot-free and nothing is being done," mother Mica Evans said.

She looks at the case of Joan Kappen, who Hot Springs Village police say was killed by a neighbor's dog

In that report, charges were filed against the owners of the dog.

Although separate cases, Evans says the same should happen for her son's death.

"I want charges pressed. Something needs to be done," said Evans.

Right now, FOX16 is still working to get a response from investigators on the case.

"I have to wake up every day and remind myself I will not see him. I will not hear him. It's heartbreaking and overwhelming every day," said Evans.

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