NLR Mom Claims Son's Driver Forced Him Off School Bus, District Reacts

- LITTLE ROCK, AR -- A North Little Rock mother says her son's bus driver forced him off the bus to walk more than two miles to reach his home.

"Everyone is making light of this," Rochel Harper said. "This is my son's life. I'm upset. I'm very upset about this situation."

Harper says the incident happened last Tuesday, causing her son to cross many busy roadways.

She tells Fox16 it is simply because her son misbehaved.

"Kids are going to be kids. So to me, even if he was (misbehaving), why would you make him walk home?" Harper said.

Harper says she has tried to ask school leaders exactly what happened.

"Why would you make him walk home in the cold from JFK to MacArthur?" Harper asked. "He is a 12-year-old. That hurts."

North Little Rock School leaders have a different story about what happened. They say the boy was taken back to school where he was told to call his parent, but he didn't do that.

That's when leaders say he walked away from the campus.

School leaders stand by the bus driver, telling FOX16 the driver followed the proper procedures to deal with the disturbance on the bus.

However, they say it was the boy's decision to disobey.

Despite that, Harper says she is in the process of filing a formal complaint with state education leaders.

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