NLR Police Chief: Monitor Homeless Sex Offenders More Closely

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR -- In the past, we've followed central Arkansas law enforcement agencies going door to door trying to keep track of sex offenders.

It's a tough enough job when officers have the offenders last known address.   It's much harder when they don't.

"Are they by a school?" questions North Little Rock police chief Mike Davis. "Are they where they're not supposed to be?  Where are they at?"

Davis is supporting a resolution to require homeless sex offenders to report their location more often.

"It's just going to allow local police departments and sheriff departments to keep better tabs," Davis said.

Right now, sex offenders in Arkansas are required to report to law enforcement in the jurisdiction where they're living at least once every six months -- allowing nearby residents, schools and daycares to be alerted.

"A lot can happen in six months with somebody that's homeless," Davis said.

The resolution being presented to the North Little Rock City council Monday seeks to have sex offenders who say they're homeless check in every 30 days.

"I applaud them for getting out in front of this," said Sam Williams, the police chief in neighboring Maumelle.

Williams says he can see the value in finding better ways to track sex offenders who don't stay in one place.

"[It's] incredibly difficult for a police department to monitor," Williams said.

If the resolution passes in North Little Rock it would be sent to a state wide organization representing various cities where Chief Davis hopes it will gain broader support.
Chief Davis hopes the legislature will take up the cause during its session next year.

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