NLR Residents Concerned Over Sewage Leak

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Not far from where kids play, raw sewage runs through the mud at the Shorter College Gardens apartments in North Little Rock.

"We're all single parent mothers out here" said resident Anitial Meadows.  "This is just too much."

Meadows says she worries someone is going to get sick.  She says residents have complained to management, but the problem continues on.

It's not just the sewage, residents say parking lots flood after rains and sit stagnant for weeks.

Charlisa Watson doesn't live in the complex herself, but visits friends there often.  She says management needs to step up.

"They should be ashamed of themselves," she said.

There was no one at the front office Sunday.  Listed phone numbers were answered by an after hours service where someone told us to call back during regualr business hours Monday.

We did hear from North Little Rock alderman Linda Robinson.  Shorter College Gardens is in her ward.  She said she was not aware of the problem, but promised to contact code enforcement  immediately.

Meadows admits she and her neighbors don't have much.  They are living in government-subsidized housing, but, she says, they still deserve better.

"We might as well live on the streets if you ask me," she said.

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