Noise Alert: Demolition Training at Camp Robinson on Tuesday

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR (News release) - On Tuesday Soldiers with 489th Engineer Company, U.S. Army Reserve will be conducting a demolitions training on ranges at Robinson Maneuver Training Center between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

The training will take place on the demolition range located in the north central area of Robinson Maneuver Training Center near Cato, and south of Arkansas Hwy. 89.

Due to unusual weather conditions, lower temperatures and denser air, the sound of the explosions may be magnified by the atmospheric conditions.

It is likely that the explosive “boom” will carry outside Camp Robinson’s perimeter.

Communities near the training area which may hear or feel effects of the training beyond the borders of the post include: Cato, Conway, Mayflower, North Little Rock, Runyon Acres, Gravel Ridge, and Oak Grove.

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