Nude Photos Send Shockwave Through College's Social Media

ARKADELPHIA, AR - A student athlete gets exposed on social media after dozens of nude pictures are publicly sent to students and the University.

Henderson State University (HSU) in Arkadelphia hasn't even started school yet and an incoming freshman has ended up on the wrong end of a cruel social media harassment.

The School has found itself in the middle of this too but are standing up to it saying while there will be repercussions for the student bringing the School into negative light, it was a mistake and they will use this as a chance to educate.

This has all happened in the last 24 hours. The posts started July 15. Unfortunately you can't always work as quickly as social media.

"The problem with social media is it moves very fast," HSU General Counsel, Elaine Kneebone said.

HSU's Director of Athletics Shawn Jones says there's something to be learned here.

He says the Athletic Department was already in the process of creating a "Social Media Guide" and actually planned on bringing in an expert to speak to the athletes this Fall. This incident just beat them to the punch. 

"Anything you say and do on social media can come back to hurt you," Jones said. "[He] had a moral lapse of judgment and sent some inappropriate photos via social media."

Dozens of naked selfies of the student could have gone unnoticed by the general public. The issue here, the person, who the student-athlete sent them to, reposted the pictures on nearly every one of the University's social media feeds.  

Some of the posts ask the School if it wants someone like this student-athlete taking these pictures on campus.

Jones says what the student-athlete initially did was a mistake, while at the same time he admits the student made will be reprimanded.

"There will be discipline in this case because even though a criminal act did not occur, it's not the standard or our moral conduct that we expect our student athletes to have here," he said.

Despite the punishment, according to Kneebone, HSU is looking to help this incoming student-athlete remedy this harassing situation by contacting the appropriate authorities.

She said they will "assist them with contacting the social media site involved and see if they can get some relief for what's happening to them."

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