Operation Ceasefire Aims To Stop Crime

LITTLE ROCK, AR --This year is being called one of the deadliest in Little Rock history with a total of 29 homicides so far.

To fight back, the police department is taking a proactive stance in an event called Operation Ceasefire.

The goal is to saturate neighborhoods notorious for crime.

Little Rock SWAT officers are out in full force -- seven days a week from 3-11 p.m. -- working to stop crime before it starts.

Lt. Tim Calhoun said, "We saw a dramatic increase in the number of homicides in the city."

Instead of waiting for more crime, Little Rock police began Operation Ceasefire about three months ago.

Lt. Calhoun said, "There has been a dramatic decrease in homicides for the month of May and June."

Members of the Little Rock SWAT team take to the streets, patrolling areas deemed "high crime" by an analysis unit.

Today, Officer John Smith drove through Auoxr Arms Apartments, but didn't find any problems.

What's unique about this operation is that up to twelve patrol cars will stay in a neighborhood for hours.

Officer Smith said, "We're there and we're staying there really disrupting some of the criminal behavior going on."

While the Little Rock Police Department can't directly attribute Operation Ceasefire to a decrease in crime, Lt. Calhoun said there was a dramatic drop in homicides over the past couple months when the operation began.

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