Organizers Call Conway Pride Parade A Success

CONWAY, AR -- After a judge ruled a gay marriage ban in Arkansas unconstitutional -- last month -- same sex couples call this year's Conway Pride parade the most unified yet.

The Supreme Court did issue a stay in the same sex marriage decision, which means the ban is still in place.

However, couples we talked to today say this is the closest they've ever been to equality.

That's why, for the men who started it, say the 11th annual parade means something a little more to them this year.

Parade Organizer Robert Loyd said, "It's vindication for a decade of absolute misery."

In 2003, the year of the first parade, a group of protestors dumped tons of manure outside the parade organizers' home.

But fast forward 11 years later, and there's not a protestor in sight.

Organizer John Schenck said, "Every year there's more and more acceptance."

And people we talked to say they feel equality is just steps away as they wait for the Supreme Court to make a decision on same sex marriages.

Loyd said, "My God it looks hopeful."

Loyd and Schenck -- both part of the lawsuit to remove the same sex marriage ban in Arkansas -- say they expect the Supreme Court to make a decision on the issue before the end of the year.

On May 9th, Judge Chris Piazza ruled the same sex marriage ban in Arkansas as unconstitutional.

The Supreme Court stayed that decision one week later... meaning the ban was back in effect until the court can make a final ruling on the case.

Right now, 19 states and the District of Columbia recognize same-sex marriages.

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