Over 300 KKK Recruitment Flyers Found in Ward

WARD, AR - Ku Klux Klan flyers found in dozens of yards in Ward have the town's mayor searching for those responsible.

Residents woke up Wednesday morning to find plastic baggies with a KKK flyer inside with, "The KKK wants you" printed on it.

Aaron Saunders lives in Ward and says he couldn't believe what he found.

"I picked it up and I was kind of surprised. Then when I looked up they were on everybody's driveway," says Saunders.

Ward Police estimate they found around 300 of the flyers throughout the city.

Mayor Art Brooke says he has never had something like this happen in years past and that they are taking it very seriously.

"People feel like they are being terrorized and we are not going to allow that to happen. We will do whatever it takes to curb those activities. Terroristic activities like that are not the way of life here in Ward, Arkansas," says Mayor Brooke.

Mayor Brooke says a witness gave them a vehicle description and if those responsible are caught they can face a number of charges.

"They are not allowed to litter. They are not allowed to call on people without those people accepting them and wanting to talk to them. Those are things we will be looking at and addressing through our city attorney," says Mayor Brooke.

As of right now Mayor Brooke says they have tried to collect all of the flyers.

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