Overcrowding: Pulaski County Jail Remains Closed

LITTLE ROCK, AR - The doors are still closed for the Pulaski County Detention Center and the sheriff doesn't know when they will re-open.

Before closing last Tuesday Pulaski County Sheriff Doc Holiday sent out a series of memos over the last six months warning local agencies that they need to be prepared to house some of their criminals. The over crowding had become dangerous for the staff and inmates.

"We had one day last week where we actually went below 1,210 but it was only by three which doesn't give you a lot of cushion so before we even think about re-opening the weekend came and once again you are back over compacity so until we are able to significantly get below our cap of 1,210 it will remain closed," says Lieutenant Carl Minden.

Minden says they have received some relief from the state but not enough to re open.

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