Parents Ask for More District Action After Child Sexually Abused by Former Bentonville School Worker

BENTONVILLE, AR - The parents of a child who was sexually abused by a former Bentonville school worker are calling for further action by the district.

Ali Matar Jr., 21, of Lowell, was first arrested May 14 after police said he raped a 5-year-old girl. Then, last week, police said there were two more victims, both age 6. The additional charges led to Matar's bond being increased from $75,000 to $250,000.

The parents of one of the victims issued the following letter sent today via a news release from the Exceptional Advocacy group:
We are Parents of a 6 year old child who we recently discovered was subjected to acts of sexual abuse perpetrated by Ali Matar, Jr. while attending the District’s Adventure Club Program. 

While we have requested that the details of the sexual abuse that occurred be kept confidential and not be released publicly, we are providing this statement so that other parents whose children attended or continue to attend the District’s Adventure Club Program may be more accurately informed as to the facts:

1. This was not an “isolated incident” as our child was also subjected to acts of sexual abuse while attending the Adventure Club;
2. There were elementary schools other than R.E. Baker Elementary in which Matar worked in the Adventure Club Program and where sexual abuse occurred;
3. The acts of sexual abuse perpetrated by Matar took place before school in the Adventure Club while he was alone with our child; and
4. There must be meaningful change taken by the Bentonville School District to protect the children who attend the Adventure Club Program and to assure that no more children are victims of sexual abuse as a result of ignoring policies that were put in place to prevent such actions.

John and Jane Doe, Parents of 6 year old Child Doe

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