Part of Majestic Hotel Goes Down

HOT SPRINGS, AR -- A fire destroyed part of the Majestic Hotel, a landmark in Hot Springs, on Thursday.

While the more modern part of the building still stands, the portion built in the late 1800's, has been reduced to rubble after demolition took place.

Hot Springs Chief Ed Davis says for public safety reasons, demolition needed to begin right away.

He says it's something that likely should've happened years ago, but history is an important part of this city.

Chief Davis said, "There's a lot of sentiment towards preserving the nature of these buildings."

Throughout the day hundreds of people stopped by the area to reminisce and take pictures.

Diana Hampo takes a trip down memory lane with her son.

While watching the demolition, she tells him about the golden days of the Majestic Hotel.

She said, "We were looking at the Grady Grill sign. That was the restaurant there and 20 years ago my husband and I had our first date there."

Just one of many memories reflected upon as a part of history disappears into the dust and debris.

The fire chief says the utilities were turned off inside the Majestic Hotel years ago.

So, he says it's possible someone started the fire on purpose, but at this point the cause is unknown.

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