PCSSD Student-run Restaurant is "Simply Delicious"

- Students on the culinary team at North Pulaski High School in Jacksonville are getting their utensils ready.

They're gearing up for the Pro Start competition in Little Rock next month.
They don't have to leave campus to cook up their island-themed dishes. They can do it conveniently while in class.

A lot of high school students have jobs, but these students are not working an after school gig. They're on campus at North Pulaski High.

"Simply Delicious," a full service restaurant, is open to the public and run by students.

It's a part of the school's Culinary Arts program.

Director Teresa Perkins says students get class credit and tips, but most of all: "I try, first of all, to teach them work ethics. Because our kids today are usually

lacking in work ethics when they come into the high school because they are not used to working."

However, being a part of this program, students get ready for the real world.

"I plan on joining the military and this class teaches me teamwork, which will help me with my military career," explains Ashley Rotten.

This is the only student-run restaurant in the state, allowing them to do everything from planning the menu and washing dishes to cooking and serving the food.

"My kids can leave here and work at any restaurant in the state," Perkins says.

Some students want to take their training and put it into action, and they don't have to be trained.

"I plan on opening my own restaurant/slash cupcake store," says Student Manager Brandee Brice.

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