Pedestrian Hit and Killed By Train In Conway

CONWAY, AR -- Conway police officers are investigating a train accident that left a young pedestrian dead this afternoon.

Police say the young man -- in his teens -- was walking alongside the tracks right before the Union Pacific train hit him around 1:30.

LaTresha Woodruff with Conway Police Department said, "It is a very uncommon thing to happen here in Conway and very disheartening for someone to lose their life in this matter and we're celebrating Easter Sunday."

Police say the train struck the young man just west of the Salem overpass.

Denny Durigan was running when he saw the scene of the accident.

He says he's confused by how something like this could happen.

Durigan said, "But even then I wonder how does a person on foot get hit by a train? It's not like it sneaks up on you."

Police say the teenager was alone walking alongside the tracks, but they're not sure how he got in front of the train.

Woodruff said, "That someone lost their life so tragically, it's very, very unfortunate."

Police say the teenager was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

Officers didn't tell us the name of the victim because they wanted to talk to his family first.

Detectives are talking to Union Pacific employees on board the train and they're also looking over surveillance video to find out exactly what happened.

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