Pennington Talks About Plans to Run For Sheriff Again

SALINE COUNTY, AR -- Despite the scandal including video showing the then Saline County Sheriff cursing at other officers and falling out of his chair, Bruce Pennington said Saturday he's running for his old job.

Pennington said he made the decision at the urging of people in Saline County who he says approach him everyday asking him to run again.
Pennington waffled after his arrest last June, first saying he'd step down, then deciding to finish out his term to January 2015.
He finally retired after receiving a no confidence vote from the Saline County Quorum Court and pleading guilty to charges of resisting arrest and public intoxication.
Prosecutors said he took a swing at a Benton Police Officer who was trying to prevent the sheriff from driving drunk.
Pennington has admitted making a mistake and says the mixture of prescribed pain medication and two drinks set him over the edge.

Asked whether he was worried that his candidacy would make the campaign a spectacle, Pennington responded: "No, you know, because I know every individual that's running for this position and I respect them."

Right now, Pennington says he's working at Walmart where he was an employee for 12 years before being elected sheriff.
He's also collecting a pension from Saline County and the state police where he previously held a job.

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