Pet Owner's Warning: 'A Coyote Killed My Cat'

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- A Little Rock woman wants to warn people about a coyote that attacked her pet and perhaps others in the community.

Jan Schaller lives in a gated neighborhood near the Chenal Country Club.

She never thought letting her indoor animals outside would be a problem...that's until her cat was found dead.

She said, "Mr. Jones was a rescue kitty. We got him about two years ago."

Schaller says her 23 pound cat was more like family than a pet.

When he went missing last week, she was devastated.

She said, "He just loved us and we treated him like the king he was."

A neighbor found Mr. Jones just a few feet from Schaller's home.

His collar was missing and there was a stick in his chest.

Schaller said, "Initially we thought, 'Oh my God a person did this!'"

But surveillance video shows something else.

Schaller says you can see a coyote run quickly across the lit-up yard.

She also showed us surveillance video of Mr. Jones looking around.

Moments later...Schaller spotted the coyote slinking through that same spot.

She said, "I never thought I had to worry about it and unfortunately that was my mistake and it ended in his death."

With another missing cat and dog in the neighborhood, Schaller hopes if nothing else, people will keep a better eye on their pets.

She said, "I'm very sad by Mr. Jones death and if anything good can come out of this, perhaps his death can save other animals."

Steve "Wildman" Wilson with Arkansas Game and Fish said it's unusual for coyotes to kill pets, but he says it does happen.

He said the problem comes with new development and these wild animals are running out of places to live.

You can best stay protected by trying to keep trash in a closed container, if it's outside.

Also monitoring your pets when they are outside is a good idea, whether it's in the dark of night or light of day.
Another option, there's a trapping agency that can catch wild animals and relocate them.

For information on that, click here.

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