Pine Bluff Nightclub Has History of Violent Crimes

PINE BLUFF, AR -- A man shot by a Jefferson County Sheriff's investigator remains in the ICU tonight.

It happened outside Swann's Bar and Lounge in Pine Bluff.

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time violence erupted at that nightclub, which used to be operated under the name "III Gables".

Just a couple years ago, Pine Bluff police responded to the club several times for everything from shootings to rape and although the name has changed, violence seems to be following the place.

People living in Pine Bluff say Swann's Bar and Lounge is a popular place on the weekends.

Jimmy Wells said, "Packed, wall-to-wall, you can barely move around in there."

Same story when it was known as III Gables, just a couple years ago.

But things slowed down when tragedy took place in the parking lot.

In November of 2011, a shooter fired at three people outside III Gables.

One man died.

Days later, the club's liquor permit was pulled and the doors closed.

Fast forward to 2013...the place reopens under the name Swann's Bar and Lounge and Saturday, there's another shooting.

Pastor James Murry said, "I just think it's time for us to wake up and understand that we need to be serving God instead of doing the work of Satan."

We did reach out to the manager of Swann's Bar and Lounge.

He responded back through Facebook tonight stating that there's security in place and he's been open for a year with no incidents until Saturday's shooting.

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