Plaintiffs File Motion for Clarification in Same-Sex Marriage Case

LITTLE ROCK, AR - The plaintiffs in the original lawsuit that led to a May 9 order that lifted the ban on same-sex marriages in Arkansas are following on the heels of the State Supreme Court in asking Pulaski County Circuit Court Judge Chris Piazza to clarify his ruling.

The filing of the motion (see attached) this morning follows the Arkansas Supreme Court's refusal on Wednesday to grant a stay in the case.

Both the high court and the plaintiffs are asking for clarification of the order that led to a flurry of marriage licenses being granted to gay and lesbian couples in five counties (Carroll, Marion, Pulaski, Saline and Washington), starting on May 10. By Tuesday, only Pulaski and Washington counties were still issuing the licenses.

County clerks in the rest of the state did not issue any licenses, citing the upholding of state law.

Among other parts of the ruling, the plaintiffs motion asks specifically for Judge Piazza to clarify the section of his order that states "This court hereby finds the Arkansas constitutional and legislative ban on same-sex marriage through Acts 144 and 146 of 1997, and Amendment 83, and all other Arkansas laws that prevent same-sex couples from marrying or from having their lawful marriages recognized, are unconstitutional, and hereby enjoins the enforcement of those laws."

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