Police Chief Posts 'Cellfies' On Social Media

Published 06/02 2014 10:00PM

Updated 06/02 2014 10:16PM

BRYANT, AR -- Celebrities, politicians even the Pope have joined the "selfie" craze.

A "selfie" is when you take a picture of yourself, or a group of people, and typically post it to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

But you probably don't want to be on the other side of the camera for a #CELLFIE.

Bryant Police Chief Mark Kizer came up with the idea.

He said, "I got to laugh and I said I wonder what they would say if I did a cell (jail) 'selfie' and that's what it really is, having a picture made in a cell."

Most people we talked to in Bryant didn't seem to care about the "cellfie" shots.

One man said, "I don't really follow it at all to be honest with you."

But Chief Kizer says the idea is exploding on Facebook.

He said, "It's been seen by 9,000 people in less than four hours."

He also says social media tips lead to arrests in about 25% of cases including a robbery at a nearby Dollar General Store just recently.

Police made an arrest in that robbery in just a couple of hours, thanks to a Facebook tip.

So keeping it interesting is important, that way people keep visiting the police departments sites.

Chief Kizer said, "You just have to think outside of the box and put it out there to be useful."

And while the chief says he's been asked before to remove mug shots from Facebook, it's public information, and he says the public has the right to know what's going on in the community.

So expect many more #CELLFIES in the future.

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