Police: Woman Tries Robbery With BB-Gun, Gets Shot

JACKSONVILLE, AR -- Residents living near Galloway Park on the southeast side of Jacksonville watched the violence happen right in front of them.

"We saw the lady running down the road with a gun," said witness Brandi Hillman.  "Then another guy came out of the house and he started shooting at her."

According to Jacksonville Police, 29-year-old Celia Hill tried to rob a man that lives at a home off Faulkner Street. 

But police say when Hill pulled out a BB-gun, the man she was trying to stick up pulled a real one and open fire.

"There was a bunch of kids out here," Hillman said.  "It was crazy."

With kids on summer break playing at a nearby park, the violence was disturbingly close for some.

Hill was shot in the left calf.  Her injuries were not life threatening.  Wednesday night she sits in the Pulaski County Jail on $25,000 bond.

"It was crazy," Hillam said.  "You don't expect to see something like that"

Jacksonville Police are also looking for the alleged shooter, 22-year-old Kevin Winston.  While he may have been within his rights to fire -- as a convicted felon he's not supposed to have a gun.

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