Vote Over Two Immigration Bills Happening Next Week

WASHINGTON, D.C.- Republican leaders in the House announced they will vote next week on two controversial Immigration Bills.

One bill to be debated next week is favored by Immigration hardliners. It would authorize construction of a border wall, reduce legal immigration levels and a crackdown on cities that don't cooperate with federal immigration enforcement. 

The other bill is being framed as a compromise by Republican House leaders, but details are yet to be released. 

Still, Democrats are already blasting next week's votes. 

"The speaker and House Republican leadership have thwarted the efforts of both Democrats and Republicans," says Rep. Joseph Crowley (D-New York).

"It's consistent with the President's desire to make sure that we don't have to shoulder the burden for securing the southwest border and they do," says Rep. Mike Rogers (R- Alabama). 

Sen. Lamar Alexander (R- Tennessee) is pushing a narrow plan of border security and Dreamer protection. 

It's another consideration as Congressional leaders deal with this issue. 

The wall and other conservative proposals will face a challenge in the Senate. 

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