Possible Road Rage Leads to Men Drawing Weapons in Stuttgart

Man Armed with Bat, Other Man Armed with Gun

STUTTGART, Ark. - Engines slowly rumble by a Shell station in Stuttgart on Tuesday; sounds Judy Harrison hears often.

"I buy gas there all the time," Harrison says.
But, on Sunday, different sounds peaked at the pump.

"This s*** ain't no f****** joke!," a man can be heard screaming in the a recent online video.

That video shows two men, face to face in a fit of suspected road rage.

The man can be heard shouting: "I don't do this s*** every m************ day, boy!"

About a minute into the argument, one man pulls out a bat. The other pulls out a gun.

The crowd of about 20 bystanders can be heard reacting to the firearm: "Put the gun up!" 

"Oh my gosh," Harrison says looking at the video.

Harrison became one of 40,000 to see the clip after we showed it to her.

"Oh my gosh," Harrison repeated.

"Y'all got to be kidding."

The footage was uploaded to Facebook, adding fuel to the curbside drama.

The man behind the camera can be heard also: "Bro you brought a bat to a gun fight?"

Al Bones hit record as soon as tempers flared.

"I just wanted to be the cameraman," Bones says in an interview on Tuesday.

"I think it started from a stoplight," Bones says.

"Somebody in the right, and somebody in the wrong and almost hitting."

Fortunately weapons were holstered almost as fast as they were drawn, and no one was hurt.

Police weren't called, but the Stuttgart police chief saw the video on Facebook. He says it didn't appear a crime was committed.

And, while the unleaded exchange didn't become unlawful, it was enough to steer some customers away.

Harrison adds: "I might change where I get gas at from now on."

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