Preparations Underway For Next Round of Winter Weather

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- With another round of winter weather heading to Arkansas, folks around town are shaking their heads.

"It's been a tough winter," said Katie Helms of Fayetteville.

"I'm ready for spring," Little Rock resident Kevin DeAngelis explained.

"We would anticipate with an event like this potential for significant outages," said Brady Aldy, vice president of customer service for Entergy Arkansas.

Aldy says models estimate damage from this storm could match what happened in early February when 48,000 homes lost power.

1,700 workers from out of state have been called in to help with the response.

"That includes distribution lineman, vegetation workers, damage assessors, management teams," Aldy said.

Construction crews at the 6-30/4-30 interchange worked extra hours Saturday anticipating they'll be forced off the job in coming days.

"Pretreatment is not an option for this particular winter weather event," said Danny Straessle with the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department. AHTD worked on it's response plan throughout the week to handle heavy rains expected before temperatures drop.

"We're going to drop straight salt on the bridges and overpasses," he said.

It's all hands on deck -- again -- for those trying to keep folks safe during another round of winter weather.

"I've been here since '92, originally from New Hampshire, and this is been the most up-and-down we've ever had it," DeAngelis said.

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