Prosecutor Investigating after Bryant Audit Finds Undocumented Expenses

BRYANT, AR - A routine legislative audit into Bryant's finances for the year 2012 found $5,573 that weren't properly documented.

When money like this is unaccounted for, it's protocol for the audit to land on the County Prosecuting Attorney's desk.

City leaders in Bryant say these findings are just a drop in the bucket compared to what's going on with city finances.

The 2012 audit cites improper expenditures. It says the disbursements were not supported by adequate documentation, meaning there were no receipts to prove they were used for business purposes. 

Some city council members say this is just icing on the cake compared to what has yet to come to light.

Mayor Jill Dabbs says otherwise. She says these expenses were for training, traveling, and Public Works meals and the city is working to fix the errors in documentation. 

The audit does say that the Office of Mayor and City Clerk were in substantial compliance.

"I just hope that this audit report being released gives the citizens of Bryant confidence in the integrity in which their tax dollars are being spent and overseen," says Mayor Dabbs.

"I hope the Prosecutor turns it over to State Police, they come in, they conduct an investigation for this '12 and go right on in to '13 so we can get this cleared up," says Bryant Alderman and Finance Committee member, Randy Cox.

City Alderman Adrian Henley adds, "I believe the audit speaks for itself. They used words such as serious deficiencies."

Just because the audit was sent to the Prosecutor's Office for an investigation, it doesn't mean there will be criminal charges. When improper expenditures like this are found, it's a requirement.

Also, according to the Prosecutor, charges won't be filed if this turns out to be a simple case of lack of organization.

The 2012 Legislative Audit is attached.

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