Pulaski County Tornado Victims Seeking Help

PARON, AR -- Showing us around what was once his home off Deer Road, Joel Martin counts his blessings, thankful to still be alive.

"I'm still kind of amazed I just got really lucky," he said. 

The rural community in the valley of Brush Mountain was the first location hit by a tornado Sunday night.

"It's almost like the house got flipped up, twist around and slammed down on me," said Martin.

Faulkner County has been declared a federal disaster zone, but this part of western Pulaski County has not.

"I wish I could get the word out to let it be known that there's other people in dire need as well," said Martin.

Martin is in a particularly bad spot -- he was in the final stages of completing construction of his home.

"I couldn't get insurance, because they said it was unfinished," he said. 

In Vilonia and Mayflower volunteers have flooded hard hit areas, but here Justin Simmons with the Red Cross says "it's a lot of family members helping family members and a lot of neighbors helping neighbors."

We even pitched in a little Wednesday helping Martin clear away some debris.  He says he'll start the work of clearing what remains of his house on Thursday -- still not sure what the future holds. 

"I'm trying to figure it out," said Martin, when asked about what's next. "I'll cry some more. Probably, with the help of my neighbors and friends, we're going to clean this up. I'm just going to somehow start all over."

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