Rare Blood Types Could Help A Little Girl Fighting Cancer

Published 02/15 2014 07:25PM

Updated 02/17 2014 08:44AM

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- A Russellville girl is battling a rare cancer that typically affects children who are under five years old.

But there's something that makes her fight even more complicated.

Doctors diagnosed 3-year-old Morgan Schwehm with a rare cancer that develops around immature nerve cells.

It's called neuroblastoma.

Making matters worse, she's got the most rare blood type, A-B negative.

Morgan's mom, Liz Schwehm, said, "I think less than 1% has her blood type."

She added, "She has sometimes waited 36 hours to get the platelets she needed."

With an upcoming stem cell transplant, it's important Morgan has plenty of blood and platelets to keep her healthy.

Unfortunately, the universal blood does not work in this situation.

But if your blood type is A-B negative, you can help by becoming a direct donor to Morgan.

Schwehm said, "So that next week when she needs platelets, they'll be here at the blood bank."

If you would like to be a direct donor for Morgan, call 1-800-644-9435.

Don't forget though, regardless your blood type, you can still donate.

For more information on that, you can check out the Red Cross website by clicking here.

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