R&B Singer Leaves Little Rock Fans With Some Memorable Lyrics

LITTLE ROCK, AR - R&B singer August Alsina "Loves This" crowd at the Clear Channel Metroplex in Little Rock. So much so he decides to get a lot closer by getting on top of his security guards' shoulders, to do some crowd surfing.

The crowd gets excited and it wouldn't take long for things to take a turn for the worse. Fans start pulling his clothes and then someone takes his hat. That's what set this 21-year-old from New Orleans off on a cursing tirade.

He is even heard saying he would start a riot if he did not get his hat back.

Deja Blue is the promoter who brought Alsina nat sound pop of the song and video I Love This to perform his hit single, "I Love This."

"My street team saw the person that snatched the hat off, they went over to get the hat, they got the hat from the girl and as soon as she turned around to give them the hat they jumped on her."

Deja Blue says that's when the crowd went wild, fighting. You can even hear tasers going off.

"The video you see is totally different that we have and from our aspect of it, it's very bad."

Little Rock made headlines on major websites the music industry looks to for news like Vibe, Hip Hop Wired, and Hot New Hip Hop just to name a few.

Little Rock Police say no report was made and their only involvement was to move concert goers outside and get August Alsina who cancelled the rest of his show, to his vehicle.

As summer approaches LRPD says here's some advice, lay ground rules with your children before they leave home.

"Once they are there keep your hands to yourself, definitely don't touch the entertainer, if you sense something in the air about to happen leave immediately."

That's exactly what August Alsina did.

"It was very very bad for him."

But not before he left his fans.

With some memorable lyrics.

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