Rebuilding Faulkner County Ballpark after April Tornado

FAULKNER COUNTY, AR -- While the rush of volunteers, helping clean up after last month's tornadoes, is slimming down...there are still some hard at work.

This includes one dedicated group determined to bring back a popular ball field.

The White City Ballpark -- in Faulkner County -- is a place where kids play and families go to celebrate things like reunions.

So when the April 27 tornado tore it apart, people in the neighborhood were devastated.

With many volunteers focusing on rebuilding homes, the ballpark didn't get much attention, until this weekend.

Both kids and adults helped to pick up debris and put together fencing.

A league of  boys --called the Mayflower Eagles -- uses the park to practice baseball.

But, that was all put on hold until things could get cleaned up.

Volunteer David Webb said, "This is my first time seeing the damage today. They cleaned it up yesterday, but it's still devastating because its crazy that there used to be a pavilion over there, now it's just a concrete slab, there are trees missing."

Volunteers got the park cleaned up enough -- over the weekend -- that the boys say they'll be able to get back to practice this upcoming week.

While it's a community ballpark, it is privately owned and more volunteers are needed.

If you would like to help put White City Park back together again, you can call the owner Buford Garth at (501) 580-0027.

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