Residents Report More Problems at NLR Apartments


Published 06/02 2014 09:48PM

Updated 06/02 2014 09:58PM

NORTH LITLE ROCK, AR -- Holes in the ceiling with water dripping down, thick black mold growing on the wall and trash left sitting in breezeways -- those are some of the problems FOX16 documented during a Monday tour of several units at Shorter College Garden in North Little Rock.

"I've been living here since 2003," said resident Kiona Ayers.  "The conditions have only got worse."

Ayers called after seeing our report two weeks ago showing raw sewage, residents say had been flowing through the complex for months.

She wanted us to know the problems go further.

"There's roaches, rats, bedbugs, mice.. little kids are getting bit by bedbugs," she explained.

After conditions in her apartment deteriorated, Ayers conducted a survey of the units around her complex.

"I was horrified at what I saw," she said.

We visited the apartment office Monday afternoon, but the complex managers refused to answer questions.

Instead she directed us to a corporate office of Royal American, the parent company that owns Shorter College Garden.

Late Monday, Brittany Walsh, the Director of Marketing issued a statement that reads, in part:

"Periodic maintenance is routine for property management, and we at Royal American respond promptly and effectively to the need of our residents."(See full statement below.)

Even though the complex has its fair share of problems, Ayers says residents deserve better living conditions.  She's working to collect signatures from residents on a petition demanding improvements.

"I don't feel comfortable about sleeping here anymore," she said.

Full statement from Royal American is below:

"To be clear, the property is not in disrepair. Our response to service requests by two residents is ongoing. The first involves repeated scheduling failures since the residents has insisted on being present at the arrival of our maintenance team. The other resident has been offered temporary relocation and will be accommodated until repairs have been completed. Lastly, our storm drain backed up due to unsolicited tampering and removal of the metal grate that keeps large debris from entering and the plumbers came out and fixed it today with a minimal time lapse between back-up and repair. Periodic maintenance is routine for property management, and we at Royal American respond promptly and effectively to the need of our residents."
Brittany Walsh
Director of Marketing
Royal American Companies

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