Residents Say Potholes Becoming A Danger On Their Road

JESSIEVILLE, AR -- Some people living in Jessieville, in Garland County, say the potholes are so bad there, it's become dangerous to drive on certain roads.

Driving Little Blakely Creek Road, off Highway 7, is extremely difficult as you try to dodge potholes.

Also, with hills and curves, you've got to be careful not to run into oncoming traffic.

It's a major concern for one woman who says no one is really listening to her complaints.

Aimee White showed us pictures of the potholes saying, "This is showing how deep the holes are. This is a 20 ounce Coke bottle."

White says she's gone through nine cars in just four years.

She said, "A drive down my road is not knowing if you're going to make it home, not knowing what you're going to tear up today."

White says Little Blakely Creek Road is a bumpy ride for kids on the school bus too.

She says it's almost impossible for the driver to get down the road and as the bus dodges potholes, oncoming traffic runs into another problem.

If the driver veers off the road, White says there's a 60 to 100 foot drop.

And as far as emergency vehicles go, White says expect to wait an extra 30-40 minutes.

When her daughter passed out this month, instead of calling 911, White drove her to the hospital herself.

She said, "There's no way 911 can make it here in a reasonable amount of time."

The Garland County Judge says the road was never built correctly.

He says logger trucks tore it up too, but making things worse this year was the rough winter.

Judge Rick Davis said, "Ever since I've been here we've spent a lot of money on that road, each year fixing it back up."

County crews plan on repaving the road this summer.

The judge says the logging company that was using the road made an agreement with the county to no longer do so.

County road crews do try to cover up those potholes, but people living on the road say it's not doing a lot of good.

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