Road Crews On Mission To Fight Ice

LONOKE COUNTY, AR -- The Lonoke County Judge calls road conditions there, the worst he's seen during his three years in office.

The county ran out of salt, so crews are using sand to give drivers traction on very slick roads.

The salt helped to melt ice, but the sand provides the traction that prevents slipping and sliding.

The Lonoke County Judge says there's anywhere from one to two and a half inches of ice on roads in the area.

We rode along with crews as they put sand on Rockwood Road near Cabot.

But even working non-stop all day, with more than 800 miles of road in the county, it's impossible to treat every single one.

So, crews typically work on the busiest roads and those with hills and bridges.

The crews work work in two 12 hour shifts.

John Robinson, with the county's road department, said, "We don't want anybody to get hurt or run into each other or run into the ditch."

Road crews -- around Lonoke County -- are also out with plows.

But with the ice so thick, it's not helping out too much and with freezing temperatures, conditions could get worse overnight.

If there's treacherous roads you would like to see treated or plowed, you can call the Lonoke County Judge's office.

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