Runner Finds Hit and Run Victim Lying In Grass

LITTLE ROCK, AR -- A 76-year-old jogger recovering tonight after a driver ran him over then took off, never stopping to help.

It happened in the 100 block of North Hughes in Little Rock this morning.

Taylor Moore was the one who found Barry Livingston lying on the ground.

Moore said at first, it appeared to be someone passed out, but after spotting blood, he called 911.

Moore was running his daily route when he came across Livingston.

He said, "It is weird to say but it was lucky I was in the area at that time because who knows how long he may have stayed there if I wasn't."

After calling for help, Moore continued his run, not knowing how badly Livingston was hurt.

He said, "And I hope that me making a phone call allows him to have gotten medical attention soon enough that he is able to make a recovery."

Emergency crews rushed Livingston to the hospital with a broken leg and severe head injury.

He's in critical condition tonight.

People who live on Hughes Street say there are no sidewalks and they say it's a safety issue for walkers, runners and cyclists.

There's also another problem.

Resident David Thomasson said, "I've seen them go over those speed bumps and just hop their cars and bottom out on the other end, so I know they're going pretty quick."

Neighbors say drivers constantly speed through the popular area, so Thomasson says this hit and run should be a wake up call for speeders to slow down.

Right now officers are actively looking for the driver.

There's no description on the vehicle, so if you know something call Little Rock Police.

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