Saline County Investigates Brawl Involving at Least 25

- LITTLE ROCK, AR -- About 25 adults and children seen exchanging punches and hurling weapons at each other in Alexander last month.  The incident was captured on a surveillance camera. One of the victims involved in the incident says it surrounds repeated acts of bullying at Bryant High School against his son.

The father of the boy who says he was bullied asked not to be identified, out of fear.

The fight did not happen on Bryant High School's campus. It actually happened miles away in Alexander on Feb. 19.

The video shows groups of people arriving at the Northeast Saline County Fire Department.

The father of the boy claiming to have been bullied says he planned to meet with the accused bully's mother to talk about the problem.

But court affidavit's say she brought family and friends to began an assault.

The brawl ended when witnesses say someone fired shots.

"We attempted to speak with a couple of people and no one wanted to talk to us about the incident," said Saline County Sheriff's Lt. Scott Courtney.

Saline County deputies say with limited details, they could not arrest anyone at the time.

But the prosecutors office sought and got a two party warrant on the case, which essentially requires the parents involved to appear in court.

"Our involvement in this is pretty much wrapped up since the two parties involved in this are going to court and this is in the judicial system," said Lt. Courtney.

A Bryant school spokeswoman says the alleged bullying was thoroughly investigated by one of the Bryant High School assistant principals and district handbook procedure was followed.

Since the actual fight happened off campus, the district has nothing to do with that investigation.

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