Sandy Hook Parents Advocate Stronger School Security

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR - Parents of a child lost in the Sandy Hook shooting say there's more schools and parents can do to keep their kids safe in the classroom.

And one possible solutions could be to make sure would be shooters can't get into classrooms.

State representative Sue Scott of Rogers says when the session starts here in January, she may look at legislation requiring classrooms doors to lock from the inside.

This after Alissa and Robbie Parker shared their story with the House and Senate Judiciary committee and a room full of school resource officers from around the state today in North Little Rock.

Their daughter Emilie, one of 20 students killed in the attack at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut nearly two years ago.

For mom, she says all this time later, she thinks back to how things could have gone differently. She says locking classroom doors are a part of a potential answer for safer schools, but it requires parents to get engaged.

"How can I be part of the solution to make sure that these things are taken care of. Do we have a safety committee? Can I be on a safety committee, how can I be involved in making this better," says Parker.

Parker and her husband Robbie are co-founders of Safe and Sound Schools, an online resource for parents and administrators emphasizing teamwork.

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