Searcy Man Asks for Less Strict Dog Ordinances


SEARCY, AR - Unlike his other two dogs, Dennis Woodall has to keep a close eye on Harley.

"I got a citation for letting my dog run loose in his own fenced-in yard," says Woodall.

However, not because he's an aggressive dog.

"He lives with two chihuahuas," says Woodall. "They're meaner than he is."

The only aggression we see during the visit comes from Tippy, the tiny one. Harley doesn't so much as bark.

"He's just friendly," Woodall says.

But Woodall is stuck trying to figure out what to do with Harley because Searcy city ordinances state because he's a pit, he's not allowed to roam free in his own backyard.

"Him and Rottweilers," says Woodall. "If I don't build this pen or cage, they will give me a $500 fine and take the dog and euthanize him."

A 4-year-old White County child was killed by pit bulls in November after entering the dogs' enclosure.

Woodall doesn't think his dog should be judged based on its breed, he said it should be a case-by-case scenario.

"Is he aggressive?" He asks. "If he is then 'yes' by all means they should be put down, but that's with any dog."

He said for a dog that has done nothing wrong, "It's not fair to the dog."

He now will appear before a White County judge at the end of February for letting Harley roam free in his fenced in yard.

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