Serious Charges for Hit and Run Drivers


LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Terry Smith and his friend walk Baseline Road and Oman Road in southwest Little Rock just about everyday.  After school, they walk to the Southwest Community Center to shoot hoops.

But crossing the street some days can be risky.

"When it's yellow, that's when they'll try to speed up when we're going across the street," Smith said.

Smith wasn't surprised when a driver struck a 12-year-old crossing the street on Wednesday.  Little Rock police said the driver left the scene as the unconscious child lie in the street.

Police caught the suspected driver not too far away.

"It looks like she had no regard for the child's life and that's not the case probably," said Captain Terry Hastings of the Little Rock Police Department.

Hastings said many drivers leave the scene of crashes out of fear.  Leaving makes it a felony.

That also goes for the driver, who slammed into the back of a Little Rock police car Thursday and caused a chain reaction on Asher Avenue.

"Not only do we recommend that you stay at scene but it's the law that you stay at the scene," Hastings said.

It could make a major difference in charges as well.

"Accident could have been their fault, but still that's a traffic ticket compared to getting a felony charge," Hastings said.

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