Shakespeare at the Shelter

- LITTLE ROCK, AR -- It's been a busy summer for people living at Our House which is a homeless shelter in Little Rock.

Residents practiced -- for plays -- the past two months, and this weekend large crowds watched Shakespeare at the Shelter.

People also stayed afterwards for a panel discussion about homelessness, which was led by the cast members.

This is the third year for the event that promotes creativity and fun, but also gives folks an opportunity to visit the Our House shelter.

Joy Ritchie, with Our House, said, "What a great opportunity for us to invite people into the shelter who otherwise might not visit here. We hope it destigmatizes homelessness somewhat."

Shakespeare at the Shelter is also a fundraiser for Our House.

Money made, the past two days, will be used to upgrade the kitchen and bring in new tables and chairs for the dining room area.

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