Shoffner Motion Seeks Government Help for Attorney's Fees

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Former Arkansas State Treasurer Martha Shoffner is seeking help to pay for an attorney in her fight against bribery and extortion charges.

A motion filed today in Federal Court in Little Rock stated that Shoffner "seeks Appointment of Counsel and assistance in the payment of attorney’s fees, due to present financial inability to pay her retained counsel."

The motion requests that Grant Ballard be permitted to continue representation under the Criminal Justice Act (CJA) plan.

Shoffner's motion cited her May 2013 agreement with the Banks Law Firm and the attorney's fees that have been incurred since that time and stated that those fees have "exhausted her financial resources" and that she "not been successful in her attempts to borrow or secure sufficient funds for her legal defense from family, friends, or other financial credit sources."

The financial statement filed with the motion shows the following:
  • Shoffner is not employed
  • Her last job paid her $3,000 per month
  • Monthly income now - Social Security - $1,344 and Arkansas State Retirement $700
  • She has just over $4,700 in her checking account
  • Monthly mortgage payment of $892 (total debt $125,000+) 
  • Utilities - $500
  • Visa credit card - $200
On Friday, Shoffner's attorneys filed a motion asking a federal judge to acquit her of charges a jury found her guilty of earlier this month, stating that the government "failed to present sufficient proof on each and every element" of 14 counts against her.

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