Shoffner's Second Trial Postponed to near Year's End

LITTLE ROCK, AR - A second trial for former Arkansas State Treasurer Martha Shoffner has been pushed back to Dec. 1.

The trial was originally set to begin in just days, on March 31.

FOX16 News has learned that sentencing of Shoffner in her first trial conviction won't happen until the second trial is over.

That means it will be a long wait before it's known if she's headed to prison.

Earlier this week, Shoffner filed a motion seeking "Appointment of Counsel and assistance in the payment of attorney’s fees, due to present financial inability to pay her retained counsel." (See attached story).

Last week, Shoffner's attorneys filed a motion asking a federal judge to acquit her of charges a jury found her guilty of earlier this month, stating that the government "failed to present sufficient proof on each and every element" of 14 counts against her.

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