Shooting Death of Teen Weighs Heavy on School

- LITTLE ROCK, AR -- This all begins early Saturday morning with what many have called a prank gone wrong when police say 15-year-old Adrian Broadway and six other teens egged a man's car, only to have that person come outside and fire multiple times into their car as they pulled away.

According to McClellan High School, every single teenager involved is a student at McClellan.

"She was larger than life," Principal Henry Anderson said about Adrian.

Anderson is facing the toughest day he's had yet at McClellan. On Tuesday, an entire school full of children will return from the Presidents Day holiday for the first time since the shooting death of one of their own.

Police say 48-year-old Willie Noble fired multiple times into a car full of teenagers, hitting Adrian in the head.

Policies and protocols are in place for a death in a school family, but nothing can fully prepare them for this.

"There's just some things you go with from your gut," Anderson said.

He says he has things to consider like what the family is going through and the loss that Adrian is to the entire school.

Students will file in Tuesday morning filling empty classrooms, but it's not just the kids the school is focused on.

"Some of our teachers are grieving," Anderson added.

He says the Little Rock school District has prepared an arsenal of counselors, mental health professionals and support staff for everyone.

There's not a policy however, on replacing the seat once filled by a student like 15-year-old Adrian Broadway.

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